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Green Express Direct™ combines great customer service with a wide product offering of environmentally friendly products and supplies that are shipped to owners and managers of residential; multifamily; hospitality; educational and commercial properties; healthcare providers; and municipal and government facilities.

Reports show that buildings release more CO2 annually than transportation or industry. This has deleterious effects on our health and our earth. Green Express Direct and its employees sincerely care about the environment, thus seeking ways to help all work in harmony with the land and save money. We scour the marketplace to find innovative, earth-friendly products that will:
  • Save our customers money
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Conserve water usage
  • Teach environmental stewardship
  • Encourage reuse and recycling
  • Promote efficiency of time and space
  • Be socially responsible
Green Express Direct aggressively seeks new ideas and inventions. We encourage creativity, respect, honor, truth, loyalty, tolerance and justice. We acknowledge our responsibility to our customers, employees and stakeholders by developing deep relationships of trust. Together we can all make a difference in protecting our environment and resources.

Green Express Direct™ was created by Stockton Products™, a 60 year old supplier of construction products, as we found that the newest energy and water saving products were not readily available. Over the years, Stockton Products has learned the value of resource conservation and demonstrates that through the use of solar panels, energy efficient lighting, waste minimization and recycling programs at our manufacturing plants.

We encourage all to minimize their energy and water consumption. Our product offering will help you to contribute to this goal. We look forward to serving you.

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