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Solar Powered Automatic Gate Opener - Commercial Grade by USAutomatic
  • The ONLY COMMERCIAL GRADE Do-It-Yourself Gate Opener
  • Works on all types of gates
  • Single or Dual Swing Gate Opener for Gates up to 20 Feet
  • 12 volt DC Battery Powered (not included) and Solar Charged
  • 8 Weeks of Operation with NO Sun
  • Qualifies for a 30% Solar Tax Credit
  • Provides more cycles than any other solar charged gate opener
  • 25% Faster Open or Close Operating Time
  • Easy to Install!
  • Plug & Go Harness and Universal Mounting Bracket
  • Full technical and customer service support center
  • Reliability Backed by a 10 Year Warranty
  • Made in USA
USAutomatic, the leader in professional low voltage gate operators for over 15 years, proudly offers the first HIGH QUALITY gate opener for the Do It Yourself Installer. The Sentry 300 Solar series gate opener IS the most reliable and durable gate opener available, backed by a 10 year limited warranty. Plug N Go wire connections, pre-installed components, and universal mounting brackets make installation on all types of gates simple and easy. Typical installation time is under one hour. The Sentry 300 gate opener is powered by a 12 V DC battery that is charged by a 5 Watt solar panel.

Kits include: 10 year limited warranty, two transmitters (remote control) to open the gate from your car, Plug N Go wiring harness, 5 watt solar panel, universal mounting brackets and hardware for round and square posts, charge controller and transformer, 16" stroke linear actuator/per gate, extension kit for placing solar panel away from gate, color installation manual/DVD.


Exit Sensor automatically opens the gate when a car passes.
Photo Eye Kit protects objects from being damaged by a closing gate.
7 Day Programmable Timer is used to open the gate at preset times on selected days.
Wireless Keypad is used to open or close the gate by using a secure pre-programmed code. Up to 24 different codes can be stored.
Push to Operate Wireless Button is used to operate the gate in applications not requiring the security of a code.
Garage Receiver Kit is used to make your garage door opener compatible with the Sentry transmitters, reduce the number of devices in your car.

Transmitter (Remote Control)

Photo Eye



Exit Sensor

Push to Open

Extension Kit

Garage Receiver

Item No.

Vendor No.



Our Price





USAutomatic, Solar Powered Automatic Gate Opener Kit, Single FREE SHIPPING





USAutomatic, Solar Powered Automatic Gate Opener Kit, Double FREE SHIPPING




Item No.

Vendor No.



Our Price





USAutomatic, Automatic Gate Opener Photo Eye Kit FREE SHIPPING





USAutomatic, Automatic Gate Opener Charge Extension Kit FREE SHIPPING



Manufacturers Recommendations

To reduce the risk of injury, USAutomatic strongly recommends the installation of additional safety devices such as Photo Eye Sensors, Safety Loops and Safety Edges. Consult dealer or the factory for complete explanation of options. Recommended Battery - 12 V DC Group U-1, maintenance free, non-spillable type found at your local battery store and Sears.

What sets the Sentry 300 apart?

The superior design and features of the Sentry 300 gate opener makes it impossible to compare cost to similar products. Quality, reliability and no hidden additional costs associated with the Sentry gate opener make the Sentry the best value on the market.

Sentry 300

GTO Mighty Mule 500 EZ


3 Year Replacement Warranty

18 Month Replacement Warranty

Extended Warranty

10 Year Limited Warranty


Accessories Warranty

3 Year Replacement Warranty

1 Year Replacement Warranty

Linear Actuator Specifications

Made in USA
400# Thrust
Industrial Grade Actuator

No Advertised Thrust Rating
Light Duty Actuator

Gate Opening Speed

~ 16 Seconds

~ 20 Seconds or more

Gate Speed Is Affected By Gate Weight and Size



Components Pre-Installed



Operates In Sub-Freezing Temperatures Standard


No / Optional Heaters Required

Remotes Included

2 Double Button Remotes

1 Single Button Remote

Long Range Radio Controls



Garage Door Compatibility Available

MSRP $41.02 with Power Supply

MSRP $99.99 WITHOUT Power Supply

Hold Gate Open With Remote Available as Standard Feature



Auto Reset Fuse Protection



On Board Travel Limit Adjustments


Positive Stops NOT Required


Positive Stops Required

Plug N Go Wiring Connections



Full Color Installation Manual



Instructional DVD Included



Large Control Box for Accessories Standard



Gate Reinforce Brackets Included For Thin Wall Gates



Power Consumed

Low Current Motor Consumes 1.7 Amps When Running Not Affected By Weight

High Current Motor Consumes 2 to 5 Amps When Running Affected By Weight

Cycles Per Day Rating with A/C Charger

750 Cycles with Standard Battery Not Affected By Weight and Size of Gate

225 Cycles Maximum with Standard Battery Affected By Weight and Size of Gate

Cycles Per Day Rating Solar Charged (Region 1)

Up To 55 Cycles with 5 Watt Panel

Up To 13 Cycles with 5 Watt Panel

Extra Battery Required For More Cycles



Learn more about theValue Comparison Dollars Vs. Dollars.


If you own a home and purchase a solar powered/charged Sentry Gate Opener manufactured by USAutomatic, LTD. after December 31, 2008, you may receive a 30% tax credit. This tax credit is available for the installed cost of your solar gate opener on your Federal tax return. Click here for Sentry Solar Certificate.

Sentry gate Openers are certified by ETL to comply with UL 991 and UL 325 manufacturing and safety standards."

Frequently Asked Questions About USAutomatic Solar Powered Automatic Gate Opener

Will the Sentry 300 work on my gate?

Yes, the Sentry 300 was designed to work on all types of gates that swing freely. The Sentry 300 effectively supports Ornamental Iron and Vinyl Gates up to 12 ft and 450 lbs, Chain Link Gates up to 14 ft and 300 lbs and Farm and Ranch Gates up to 20 ft and 250 lbs.

Can I really install the Sentry Gate Opener myself?

YES, the Sentry installation manual and DVD are packed with color photos and all the details needed. The universal mounting brackets allow installation without welding and the Plug N Go wiring harness eliminates all complicated wiring.

Can I install the Sentry 300 gate opener on my dual swing gate?

YES, the Sentry 300 S is designed to operate a single swing gate and by adding the Sentry 300 D package to the system it is easily transformed into a dual gate opener.

Is everything I need to install the Sentry 300 S included in the package?

YES, everything needed to install the Sentry 300 S including mounting hardware, AC charger, wiring harness, actuator and detailed instructions is included in the Sentry 300 package.

I would like to charge my battery with solar, is it reliable?

YES, the Sentry 300 gate opener is the first reliable solar gate opener on the market. The system was designed to operate on a single 5 watt solar panel. See the Solar Region map for approximate number of cycles for the region in which you live.

How many seconds does it take to open or close a gate?

The Sentry 300 cycle time is about 16 seconds on a 90 degree opening. Compared to other products it is about 20% faster.

Where can I go to get additional information or help?

Please visit the Sentry web page at www.sentrygateopener.com. Additional help is also available by calling the Sentry help center staffed by USAutomatic employees at 1-866-711-0001.

Do I need electricity 120 VAC at the gate location?

NO, the Sentry is powered by a 12 V DC battery (not included), which can be charged with the solar panel kit allowing for installation any place your gate is located without needing electricity at the gate.

Will I need to buy additional solar panels?

The answer is very dependent on the region of the country in which you live. Typically no additional panels will be needed for most installations. The Sentry Solar Panel kit will provide up to 50 cycles a day depending on the region in which you live.

What type of accessories can I add to my Sentry 300 system?

The Sentry gate opener is designed to work with all accessories such as photo eyes for safety, exit sensors, keypads, push to operate wireless buttons, 7 day timers and solenoid locks. Any accessory added to system must be solar friendly to help prevent premature battery failure. Solar friendly accessories are designed to operate on the minimal amount of energy

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