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Wireless LED Constant Voltage Dimmer Kit by Sthenic
  • Ultra smooth dimming performance even in low light
  • Energy-saver
  • Self-powered wireless light switch
  • Uses EnOcean wireless technology
  • Saves on energy use
Wireless LED Constant Voltage Dimmers deliver 65,000 pulse width modulation (PWM) dimming steps to provide ultra smooth dimming performance through all light levels. These tiny dimmers are 1/2 to 1/4 the size of other LED dimmers and overcome a major challenge faced by traditional LED dimmers; the devices eliminate the issue of choppiness at low dim levels. Through the use of thousands of PWM dimming steps, the Constant Voltage LED Dimmers create what is perceived by the natural eye as a single continuous dim - even at low light levels. The dimmers may also be used for custom lighting applications. The wireless dimmer responds to the self-powered wireless light switch.

Great for:
  • Architectural dimming
  • Daylighting
  • Load shedding
  • Manual ON / automatic OFF control
Kit includes:
  • One: Single Rock Decorator Switch (White)
  • One: Wireless Constant Voltage LED Dimmer

Wireless LED Dimmer


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Wireless Light Switch
50-150 feet (typical)
315 MHz
Power Supply
Self-generated when switch is pressed
2 Buttons (1 rocker)
2.75(W) x 4.5(H) x 0.62(D) inches
Operating Temperature
-13° to +149°F (- 25° to + 65°C)
Radio Certifications
FCC (U.S.), IC (Canada)
Factory set unique ID (1 of 4 billion)

Constant Voltage LED Dimmer
50-150 feet (typical)
315 MHz
Power Supply Input Rating
8-28VDC, 40mA (not incl. load current)
Sensor Input Rating
0-28VDC, <1V is Low, >3V is High
Output Rating
Constant voltage 0-28VDC, 5A max.
Input Channels
1 motion detector / sensor input / 1 wired control switch
Output Channels
1 output / PWM dimming
Stores up to 30 unique wireless transmitter IDs in memory
Operating Temperature
-13° to +140°F (- 25° to + 60°C)
Storage Temperature
-40° to +140°F (- 40° to + 60°C)
2.88"(W) x 1.30"(H) x 0.67"(D)
Radio Certification
IC (Canada): 5713A-TCM2XXC

Each package is preprogrammed to work with your switch(es) and receiver(s). If you purchased additional receivers or switches you will have to program them to communicate with each other. This is easy to accomplish and instructions will be included with your order. Always follow local electrical codes when installing this device. If you are unsure about any portion of these instructions, please contact a qualified electrician.

Dimmers should NOT be installed in a location where the unit will be in close proximity to light bulbs or other sources of heat, particularly with higher wattage loads. Installation in close proximity to light bulbs or other heat sources may subject the receiver to temperature exceeding the operating temperature rating.

Installation in metallic enclosures or near large metal objects will typically reduce radio range of the Wireless Dimmer. If possible, install wireless transmitters and receivers in plastic or fiber enclosures for best performance.
  1. WARNING: To avoid fire, shock, or death, TURN OFF POWER at circuit breaker or fuse and verify that it is OFF before installation begins. Make sure that it remains OFF until installation is complete.
  2. Connect wires. Screw wire nuts on clockwise making sure no bare conductors show below the wire connectors. Secure each connection with electrical tape.
  3. Test the range of the wireless light switch before mounting.
  4. Wireless light switches can be mounted in a standard switch box or surface mounted using screws or adhesive.

Approved by: to meet UL Standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my receiver independently turning ON and OFF?

  • This can occur when an unintended transmitter is activated within the receiver range when the receiver is in Learn Mode.
  • Clear all transmitters in the receiver and reprogram the receiver

My receiver is not responding to my transmitter command, why?

  • Move the switch closer to the receiver. If the system works at closer distance, the transmitter was installed outside the reception range, or there was radio signal interference. Repeaters that extend the coverage range are available; please contact your dealer.
  • Mount the switch or the receiver at a better location.

What is the range of my wireless connectors?

  • Masonry 65 ft. (20m), through 3 walls max.
  • Reinforced concrete 32 ft. (10m), through 1 wall / ceiling max.
  • Wood walls / drywalls 98 ft. (30m), through 5 walls max.

How can I reprogram my devices?

  • Contact customer service at (877)433-7763.

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