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Wireless Switch Leg Transmitter (SLT) Kit by Sthenic
    The Switch Leg Transmitter (SLT Power Sensor) replaces wires between an electrical load and a switch with a Radio Frequency (RF) control signal. The SLT power sensors can be used to detect the presence of a supply voltage, and transmit a control signal to a corresponding relay receiver. It connects to a standard switch and controls loads that are connected to receivers. Utilizes EnOcean wireless technology.

    Usage Example:
    • Automatic control of a generator to prevent overload.

    Kit includes:
    • One: Wireless SLT Circuit Interlock Transmitter
    • One: 3-Wire In Relay Receiver

    3-Wire Receiver

    Switch Leg Transmitter

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    Switch Leg Transmitter (SLT Wireless Sensor)
    50-150 feet (typical)
    315 MHz
    Power Supply Input Rating
    120 VAC
    50/60 Hz
    Operating Temperature
    -14° to +122°F
    (-10° to + 50°C)
    2.11 x 1.73 x 1.09 inches
    (54mm x 44mm x 28mm)
    Radio Certification
    FCC (United States): SZV-TCM2XXC
    IC (Canada): 5713A-TCM2XXC
    Safety Approval
    ETL (United States): UL244A, UL2043
    ETL (Canada): CSAc22.2#14-05
    Factory set unique ID (1 of 4 billion)

    Built-In Relay Receiver
    50-150 feet (typical)
    315 MHz
    Relay Output
    120 V AC
    Max Loads / Contact Ratings
    Tungsten / Incandescent
    500 W
    Fluorescent Ballast
    3 A
    General Duty
    6 A
    A300 Pilot Duty
    120 VA
    Power Supply
    120 VAC
    50/60 Hz
    Output Channels
    1 FORM A Relay
    Stores up to 30 switch IDs
    2.11" x 1.73" x 1.09"
    Operating Temperature
    +14° to +122°F
    Storage Temperature
    -4° to +176°F
    Radio Certification:
    IC (Canada): 5713A-TCM2XXC
    Safety Approval:
    ETL (U.S.): UL244A, UL2043
    ETL(Canada): CSAc22.2#14-05
    Plenum Rating

    Read all installation steps for this option before taking any action to install SLT. Always follow local electrical codes when installing this device. If you are unsure about any portion of these instructions, please contact a qualified electrician.
    1. It may be convenient to associate the SLT with all appropriate receivers prior to final installation. Steps 3-9 explain how to associate an SLT with a receiver. Test the range of the SLT before final installation.
    2. Make sure the SLT is within 16 feet (5 meters) of the desired receiver when programming. Receivers have reduced range during programming.
    3. WARNING: To avoid risk of fire, shock, or death, TURN OFF POWER at circuit breaker or fuse and verify that it is OFF before installation begins. Make sure that it remains OFF until installation is complete.
    4. Connect wires. Twist wire nuts on clockwise making sure no bare wires show. Wrap connections with electrical tape.
    5. Programming: Restore power and follow receiver programming instructions found in receiver installation guide. For SLT installations, program the receiver using Rocker Mode.
    6. To associate an SLT with a receiver, simply press the Teach button (labeled "TCH") on the SLT while the receiver is in the desired Learn Mode. This sends a signal containing the unique ID of the SLT to the receiver. The receiver memorizes the ID and knows to respond to the SLT in the future.
    7. Activation: Test SLT. Once a Switch Leg Transmitter has been associated with a receiver, whenever power is provided to or removed from the SLT, the SLT transmits a wireless signal to control the receiver. (If SLT is not working, review wiring and programming instructions for both the SLT and the receiver.)
    8. Stow all wires and SLT in wiring box to complete installation.

    Approved by: to meet UL Standards.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is my receiver independently turning ON and OFF?

    • This can occur when an unintended transmitter is activated within the receiver range when the receiver is in Learn Mode.
    • Clear all transmitters in the receiver and reprogram the receiver

    My receiver is not responding to my transmitter command, why?

    • Move the switch closer to the receiver. If the system works at closer distance, the transmitter was installed outside the reception range, or there was radio signal interference. Repeaters that extend the coverage range are available; please contact your dealer.
    • Mount the switch or the receiver at a better location.

    What is the range of my wireless connectors?

    • Masonry 65 ft. (20m), through 3 walls max.
    • Reinforced concrete 32 ft. (10m), through 1 wall / ceiling max.
    • Wood walls / drywalls 98 ft. (30m), through 5 walls max.

    How can I reprogram my devices?

    • Contact customer service at (877)433-7763.

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